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Providing defence for general crime, fraud, white-collar crime and motoring offences.

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At Centurion Solicitors, we provide all our clients with professional advice explained clearly and concisely. We have a small yet highly dedicated team of experienced solicitors, proactively securing the very best result for all we represent.

Based in London, we are specialists in all aspects of criminal defence law. Centurion Solicitors represent both private and legal aid clients across the South East and the UK. Professional advising our clients throughout the entire criminal proceedings process.

Areas Of Practice

General Crime

Including drugs offences, conspiracies, sexual offences, violent crime and more.


Including conspiracy to defraud, credit card fraud, money laundering, mortgage fraud and more.

Motoring Offences

Including driving with excess alcohol, failure to provide a specimen and more.

We treat you like a human

Centurion Solicitors see the person behind the charges, you don’t have to fight this battle alone. We understand the challenges a criminal case can bring.


What do I need to do now? What happens next? How does this work? Get clarity about what it will take to win your case, from the processes to the costs. Whether you’re in the police station or at home weighing up options, we’re available to provide answers and engage immediately 24/7.

Fast Acting Experts

Our team has an impressive track record for criminal defence cases. We take early action and strive to end investigations quickly without matters ever reaching court – to save you the torment and strain of prosecution.

Working hard for you

We constantly challenge ourselves to provide practical, personal and cost-effective solutions, offering the very best in legal expertise, so that our clients can have peace of mind. It is our aim to help you regain peace and balance in your life, by knowing that your case is in safe hands with us.