Areas Of Practice

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Providing defence for general crime, fraud, white-collar crime and motoring offences.

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At Centurion Solicitors we are highly experienced working on a large range of criminal defence cases. 

General Crime

Drugs offences
Sexual offences

Violent crime
Firearms and knife offences

Modern slavery and human trafficking
Cyber and social media offences
Death by dangerous driving

Arrested for protesting
Death by careless driving
Kidnap and false imprisonment


Cash and Asset Forfeiture/Cash Seizure

Conspiracy to defraud

Credit card fraud

Money laundering

Mortgage fraud

Motoring Offences

Normally you will receive a mandatory driving disqualification if you are convicted of drink-driving or receive 12 points to your licence within 3 years. However, there are limited circumstances in which legal arguments could be made that will allow you to keep your licence, even though you have omitted to the offence.

Driving with excess alcohol
Being drunk in charge of a vehicle

Driving whilst unfit through drugs
Failure to provide a specimen

Death by dangerous driving
Using a vehicle without insurance and/or a license

Driving whilst disqualified
Failing to provide driver information

Funding Your Case

It is perfectly natural to worry about whether you can afford high-quality legal representation if you’re facing criminal proceedings. Centurion Solicitors can give you peace of mind by guiding you through your funding options so that you have the best arrangement to suit your needs.

Our privately funded service offers a cost-effective solution ensuring you receive the very best representation. We have excellent relationships with high-quality barristers and ensure they are the most suitable to defend your case.

We also provide free legal representation for criminal defence cases through Legal Aid. To qualify for Legal Aid, you must meet certain criteria, we will guide you through this process.