SRA Price Transparency

In accordance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, we have set out our estimated charges below. For a quote specifically tailored to your case please contact one of our lawyers and we can give you an exact quote.

Magistrate Court Traffic Work

Price transparency rules only apply in relation to summary only motoring offences under Part I of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and/or s89 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. For example:

  • Driving while disqualified
  • Driving without insurance
  • Careless driving
  • Failing to stop or report
  • Speeding

The average cost of your case is set out below:

  • Early guilty plea: £400 plus VAT
  • Trial: £1200 plus VAT

The price may vary depending on the circumstances in your case, such as:

  • Instruction of any expert witnesses
  • Taking statements from any witnesses
  • Advice and assistance in relation to a special reason hearing
  • Advice or assistance in relation to any appeal
  • Trial

Costs are at a fixed rate set out in our pricing structure. If the case is more complex and proceeds to an appeal then the costs of your case will likely exceed the fixed price range.


You will need to pay for ‘disbursements’ in addition to our costs as described above. For example, attendance and representation at a single hearing at the Magistrates Court on the basis that you either plead guilty or if you plead Not Guilty your case is adjourned to a separate trial date. Instructing expert witnesses, obtaining medical records and reports, witness statements and any advice in relation to an appeal or special reasons hearing. Whilst we cannot provide you with a fixed fee quote, we would be very happy to provide you with a more tailored quote for all stages of your particular case once we know about your specific circumstances.

Key Stages of Your Case

The examples of typical costs above cover all of the work in relation to the following key stages for magistrates court traffic work:

  • Discussing your circumstances and options throughout the process
  • Giving you advice about the requirements of the Road
  • Traffic Act, Road Traffic Regulation Act and the relevant court procedures
  • If you do not fulfil certain criteria, whether this can be overcome and how
  • Considering the supporting evidence you have provided;
    Providing advice on likely sentence
  • Attend court on the day and meet with you before going before the court;
  • Discuss the outcome with you. If advice is required on appeal, this will carry an additional cost

How Long Will My Case Take?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a timescale of when your hearing will take place, as this depends on the court listing for that day.